Thimk B4 U…

Do you see a man hasty in his words? There is more hope for a fool than for him (Proverbs 29:20).

Shouting from soap box 3D clipart

People spouting opinions from their soap box are often hasty in their words.

How many times have I been warned to “think before you speak”? The key is to not just think about how mad I am, but to consider how what I am about to shout out will affect those around me.

Watch this great video (or read the transcript) for some bad examples and good advice:

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6 Responses to Thimk B4 U…

  1. This is definitely one proof that the Bible has gotten more relevant, not less so, as technology has increased. Where before if one spoke without thinking, one might offend a few listeners, now one can type out a long rant about anything, hit “post,” and have it read by people the world over. Sadly, although we’ve all seen the dangers of speaking–and typing–before we think, this doesn’t seem to have reined many of us in. I wonder whether this is perhaps also attributable to our society’s directive to be “honest” by saying whatever is on our mind, whenever we feel like it, and let the chips fall where they may…

    • Mike Bennett says:

      Interesting points! “Honesty” can have different meanings–we often associate it with truth. In that sense, honesty is very good, when expressed with love and kindness (Ephesians 4:15). But too often “honesty” means being open with our opinions and emotions. I often wonder how many people really care what my opinions are or how I feel? Should I share those “honest” feelings with everyone, or only with those who really care, and in a way that builds up and helps, not hurts?

  2. Mike Bennett says:

    You’re welcome, and I can’t wait to read it! (Or was I supposed to apologize??)

  3. Raida Pierce says:

    This I got from my father-in-law’s (Frank Pierce) sermon.

    Think before you speak. T-H-I-N-K:
    Is it True; is it Helpful; is it Inspiring; is it Necessary; is it Kind?

    He is a wise man 🙂

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